What I'm Writing

Welcome to my writerly realm, a place where anything can happen. Read on to learn about some of my novels and novellas if you dare…
Genre: YA Christian Historical 
Type: Novel
Current Status: Plotting and research
Genre: YA Christian mystery

Type: Novel 

Current status: Second draft, editing (aka, transferring it from a notebook to Word)


Connor McKay’s sixteen years of life have never been perfect. Especially after his family was torn apart and he and his little brother, Kyle, landed in the foster system. Things only get worse when Kyle mysteriously disappears, sending Connor into a frantic search. Finding Kyle seems impossible, even with unlikely allies on his side. Meanwhile, a god from his past pops up in the most unexpected places…
As the odds stack up against Connor, on thing becomes certain: Nothing will ever be the same.

A Sleep So Deep
Genre: YA historical Christian romance

Type: Novella

Current status: Awaiting more editing, might be turned into a contemporary or fantasy novel


Looking beyond the mirror isn’t as easy as it seems. 
Lady Isabella Torwait has spent much too much time in front of her mirror. And she isn’t happy with what she sees. But one day, Lord James Thompson comes to the castle for the festivities preceding her sixteenth birthday, and his attentions make her doubt the image she sees.
But when a murderous conspiracy sends Isabella into a deep sleep, James must awaken the fair maiden from her strange dreams, before it’s too late…
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